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   Power windows modules Tiger

This device is a mechanism that allows you to automatically close car windows when you press the appropriate button on the alarm keychain. Today, window closers can be installed in almost any model, regardless of brand and country of manufacture of the machine. Such a device makes life much easier for the owner, as it allows, for example, not to worry about the fact that the windows were left open, and return to the parking of this.


  Technical parameters of Tiger PW-2 / PW-4

• Supply voltage 9 ~ 15 V of a direct current
• Initial polarity positive / or negative
• Standby current consumption 5 +/- 1 mA
• Maximum output current of 20 A for 6 seconds
• Time Limit - 10 seconds
• Overload protection - by electromagnetic noise of the engine
• Re-energizing for secure closure


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