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   Power windows lifts Tiger

An electric window lifter is a device for raising the side glass, equipped with an electric drive. Electric windows are comfort systems because they provide additional convenience to the driver and passengers when raising (lowering) the side door windows. Electric windows are installed inside the door body, directly on the body or on a separate subframe. Electric windows consist of a drive mechanism, a lifting mechanism and a control system. The drive mechanism (gear motor) combines an electric motor, a worm gear and a gear, made in a single unit. It serves to create the effort needed to move the glass. Use in the worm gear mechanism provides protection against unauthorized opening of a window. In a worm gearbox, the transmission of rotation is carried out only in one direction - from the worm to the wheel. When you try to rotate in the opposite direction, the transmission is blocked. The lifting mechanism - cable, performs direct movement of glass.


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