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   Car sirens Tiger

Sirens are an important element of car alarms. The siren serves to scare away intruders and to attract the attention of others and the owner of the car. Therefore, the volume of the siren is not insignificant, the louder, the greater the psychological impact. Volume is measured in dB, the greater the value, the greater the sound pressure created by the siren. The volume of modern Tiger sirens ranges from 120 to 128 dB. Body shapes vary, but they are all made of durable, heat-resistant plastic with attachment to the car body.

  Siren with internal signal modulation

This is the most common conventional siren used in most alarms. This siren has two wires for connection: Red +12 Volts is connected to the alarm output, Black -12 Volts - is connected to the car body. If you confuse the wires, there will be no sound, but the siren will not burn, it has protection against such cases. When voltage is applied, the siren begins to emit a characteristic car alarm. The sound of the siren can be different: one-tone (mostly), two-tone, six-tone or any other. It depends on the circuit that is inside the siren. Some sirens at short-time supply of tension (to put or remove from protection) give the lowered sound level, and at longer (alarm) in 2 seconds raise to the maximum possible.

  Piezo siren

The basis of the piezo siren is a piezoceramic element, which creates high-frequency sound in the range of 2.5 - 3.5 k Hz, enhanced by the horn horn design. Piezo sirens have a powerful psychological effect and long-term headaches are provided, and if it is placed as an additional siren inside the car, the shrill "cry" of the siren becomes almost unbearable for the attacker. For example, the piezo siren Tiger PS-1 has a small size and powerful sound and can be used as a cabin siren.


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