TIGER CAR ALARMS and ACCESSORIES is a dynamic company operating in the Automotive field and which in the last years has been able to distinguish itself by its range of products and by its capability to propose innovative solutions. Care for the design, reliability and simplicity in using our products, allow us to be leaders in the Automotive field.

1997 We established in 1997 and provided products of many famouse suppliers under their own brand names at that time. We have created a team of real professionals who was capable of creating avant-garde electronic products.

2003 We registered our own trade mark and brand name TIGER™ to provide Car Alarms and Quality Automotive Accessories which are producing under our requiremets. "High Quality, Quick Delivery, and Client Profitability" is our main management goal. In order to meet our client's needs, we provide the cooperation to produce new products by developing new technologies. Based on years of experience in the manufacturing and technological techniques applied, products produced here have attained the quality of an international standard and have achived domestic as well as foreign recognition and trust.

Our mission is still the same: we keep going on the path of research and innovation, offering even more technological products and capable of being in line with the constant evolution of our time.