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Car Safety

has always been a hot issue for any car owner. But not only technology is moving in its development, more car thieves learn to open locks and steal cars more and more skillfully. If car alarms and car electronics do not help, what should I do? For this purpose, vehicle tracking systems using GPS / GSM technologies were developed. An alarm system is installed in the car, which includes a GPS / GSM module, the first of which is responsible for the positioning system of the car, determining the coordinates of its location, speed and direction of movement. Alarms with a built-in GPS / GSM module allow the owner to track the location of his car in real time, and also make it possible to start or stop the engine. At the same time, the car is controlled by SMS messages or through the Internet application. Management can be carried out using any mobile device connected to the network. Satellite-based vehicle health monitoring systems integrated into car alarms with a GPS / GSM module have several advantages over conventional one- or two-way alarms. Its main advantage is constant control over the position of the car.

GPS/GSM Security Systems

are designed to protect your vehicle in anytime and anywere. It notifies the owner of an attempt on the car by SMS or APP using the smartphone or any mobile device and blocks the engine from unauthorized starting. A full set of security functions and a wide selection of service modes provide complete protection and a high level of comfort during operation.