What is Dialogue coding?

Dialogue code is an algorithm that provides reliable protection against all known code grabbers. If do not go into details, then both the remote control and the main unit of the alarm system are taken care of by a special encryption algorithm. Instead of the usual procedure (sending a command -> executing a command), main unit using a dialog code with individual encryption keys follows a more secure procedure (sending a command -> checking the sender -> confirming the sender -> executing a command).

Remote control sends to main unit the command command, for example, disarming. The alarm system cannot execute the command until be sure that the command was sent by "its" remote control. Therefore, it sends an encrypted message to the remote control to check for the correct encryption keys. Remote control receives the encrypted message and encrypts it again, according to its encryption algorithm, and sends it back to the main unit. If the received message is correct, the command is executed. The dialogue code ensures the highest degree of safety for your vehicle.

GFSK (Gaussian Frequency-Shift Keying) is a type of frequency modulation in which a Gaussian filter is used to smooth out frequency rearrangements when the value of the information symbol changes. The principle of operation of the GFSK modulator is similar to FSK, except that first the sequence of pulses corresponding to the information bits passes through a Gaussian filter for smoothing, which reduces the signal spectrum width, and then enters the FSK modulator. Gaussian filtering is one of the most common ways to reduce spectrum bandwidth and reduce crosstalk.

  Security and Service functions

• Interactive DIALOGUE code with individual encryption keys
• Transmission of alarm notification signals to the remote control with feedback
• GFSK 868 MHz modulation
• Classic design of 5-button LCD remote control
• Adjustable power output of the LCD transmitter (5 levels)
• 4-button backup remote control
• Both remotes with dialog encoding
• LCD remote control distance: up to 400 m
• LCD remote control receive distance: up to 1500 m
• Two-level shock sensor included
• Arming / Disarming
• Door Lock / Unlock control
• ARM with the shock sensor off
• ARM / DISARM without siren signals
• +/- inputs for door switches
• Hood switch input
• Trunk switch input
• Emergency DISARM by a two-digit PIN code
• Unlock the trunk
• VALET service mode
• ANTI-HI-JACK mode with delay of activation
• PANIC mode
• SEARCH mode
• COMFORT function
• Status check
• Built-in central locking relays
• Built-in lamp relays
• NC / NO blocking engine output
• Bypass the faulty area
• New user friendly programming procedure of modes and functions

  Additional channels

• Channel #1
    - COMFORT function
    - TRUNK release pulse

• Channel #2
    - TURBO-TIMER mode
    - COMFORT function

• Channel #3
    - NC normal close blocking engine
    - NO normal open blocking engine

  Electrical parameters

Supply voltage: 9-15 V DC
Standby Current: ~ 15 mA
Temperature range -30 ° C ... + 75 ° C
Maximum current in circuits
    - parking lights relay: 10A
    - central doors locking relays: 15A
    - external blocking engine relay: 30A