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2-way full dialog car alarm system "Tiger premium-777"

Car Alarm Tiger Premium-777 is a novelty in 2016. This model is designed with the latest developments and the level of security and convenience requirements imposed on modern automotive electronic systems. Model Tiger Premium-777 is a new generation of alarms with full dialog authorization and two way communication. Bi-directional LCD remote control has a distance of paging up to 1500 meters on the open area. 128 bits length of individual encryption keys protect the system from intellectual hacking. Code packets compression and usage of another less noisy working frequency provides high noise immunity and high speed reaction to the receiving command. Optional remote control also has full dialog authentication. In addition to the familiar functions the following features were added to Tiger Premium-777: key lock, vibration mode, shutdown mode of LCD remote, notification of disarming by other remote control, check current status, call the driver, check in-range, 5 additional programmable channels with flexible logic operation, built-in blocking engine relay.

Security and service functions

• Two remote controls.
868 MHz working frequency.
• One LCD remote control with full dialogue authentication.
• One regular remote control with full dialogue authentication.
Code packets compression.
• Manage distance up to 500 meters.
• Paging distance up to 1500 meters on the open area.
128 bits length of individual encryption keys.
• Two stage shock sensor in complete kit.
• Input for additional two stage sensor.
• Arm and Disarm by separate buttons.
• Lock/Unlock doors in IGN ON/OFF.
• Mute ARM.
• ARM with sensors bypass.
• ARM/DISARM without siren chirps.
• Three stage DISARM.
• Swo stage door unlock.
• Dome light delay.
• Defective zone bypass.
• Notification about defective zone.
• Limit of ALARM cycles.
• ALARM memory.
• Status memory.
• Passive ARM.
• Passive immobilizer.
• Trunk opener output.
• Five additional channels.
• ARM with keep engine running.
• VALET mode.
• Two digits PIN code.
• ALARM mode.
• PANIC mode.
• SEARCH mode.
• ANTI-HI-JACK mode.
• Check status.
• Check-in-Range.
• Call driver.
• Parking lights relay onboard.
• Choosing the polarity of parking lights.
Possibility connect to car HAZARD switch.
• Central door lock relays onboard.
• Blocking engine output.
• Blocking engine relay onboard.
• Wire harness.
• Pin switch in complete kit.
• Antenna module with CALL button.
• User and installation manual.
• Packed in color gift box.

Additional channels

Inside 20А relay:
     - NO blocking engine
     - keep engine running
     - trunk opener
     - "latched" pulse

Channel 3 (- 300 mA):
     - COMFORT function
     - keep engine running
     - pager output
     - "latched" pulse

Channel 4 (- 300 mA):
     - keep engine running
     - trunk opener output
     - two stage door unlock
     - dome light manage

Channel 5 (- 300 mA):
     - dome light manage
     - keep engine running
     - trunk opener output
     - "latched" pulse

Channel 6 (- 300 мА)
     - programmable pulse duration (0~60 sec.) when arming

Channel 7 (- 300 мА):
     - programmable pulse duration (0~60 sec.) when disarming

AUX (+) input

technical parameters

Power supply: 9-15 V DC
Current consumption: 15 mA
Operating temperature range -40° C ... + 85° C
The maximum allowable current connections:
     - parking lights relay: 10A
     - central door lock relays: 15A
     - inside relay: 20A
Battery type of LCD remote is AAA 1.5V