Security systems

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one way car alarm system "Tiger OPTIMUS"

One-way car security system "Tiger Optimus" with Learning code designed to protect your car. The system notifies the owner of the attempt on car by light and sound signals and blocks the engine from unauthorized launch. Two difference designs ergonomic remotes allow you to manage system and service vehicle functions from a distance maximum to 50 m. A complete set of security features and a wide choice of service modes provide full protection and high comfort level during use this system.

Security and service functions

• Two 4-th buttons remote controls with difference design.
• Learning code.
• Maximum distance 50 meters.
• Remote manage of door actuators.
• Programable duration of Lock/Unlock pulse.
• ARM by remotye controls.
• DISARM by remote controls.
• DISARM without remotes.
• Silent ARM/DISARM,
• ARM with sensors bypassed.
• PANIC mode.
• SEARCH mode.
• Anti-Hi-Jack mode.
• Automatic RE-ARM.
• Automatic ARM.
• Multifunctional system LED.
• Lock/Unlock doors in IGN ON/OFF
• CDL relays onboard.
• Parking lights relay onboard.
Trunk opener relay onboard.
• Passive ARM.
• Defective zone bypass.
• Notify about defective zone.
• ALARM memory.
• Limit of alarm cycles.
• Additional input for second sensor.
One (-) input for Doors/Trunk/Hood.
• Power windows output (COMFORT function).
• Break pedal input.
• Output to blocking engine relay.
• Two level shock sensor in complete kit.
• Blocking relay in complete kit.
• 15W siren in complete kit.
• Owerride switch.
• Wire harness.
• User manual.
• Packed in color gift box.

technical parameters

Power supply: 9-15 V DC
Current consumption: 18 mA
Operating temperature range -30° C ... + 85° C
The maximum allowable current connections:
     - blocking engine relay: 30 A
     - parking lights relay: 7.5A
     - central door lock relays: 15A
     - trunk opener relay: 10A
Pulse of windows close (COMFORT function): 30 sec.
CDL pulse: 0.5~4.0 sec (programable)