Tiger trunk opener.
   Allows you to manage the opening of the trunk of the car using
   the remote control of car alarm.
   Compatible with car alarm systems that support this feature.

   Type - solenoid
   Maximum current consumption - 14 A
   Supply voltage - 12 V/DC
   Traction force - 4-5 KGs
   Max. stroke - 12.5 mm
   Manual release button in complete kit

   Two 5-pin universal power windows illuminated switches.
   These switches reverse polarity can be used on any model car
   or truck comes with wiring diagram.
   Rated Current: 20A.
   Rated voltage: DC 12V.
   Package includes: 2 x Auto Power Window Switch.
   Wiring in complete kit.

   Four contacts blocking engine relay.
   Operating voltage: 12V
   Operating current: 40A

   Four/Five contacts socket with protection diode.
   Operating voltage: 12V
   Maximum operating current: 40A

   ATC type automotive fuses.
   Operating voltage: 12V
   Available operating current: 5A; 10A; 15A; 20A; 25A; 30A
   Packed 100 pcs at polybag

   Daytime Running Lights.
   Operating voltage: 12/24V
   18 pcs x Piranha LEDs
   Current consumption in 12 V 0.3 A
   Current consumption in 24 V 0.15 A
   Power 4 W